You’ve tried everything. so why do you still not have the marriage and life you want? Here’s why…

Here’s what most married couples do. They read dozens of books about marriage, listen to marriage podcasts, and go through prayer or marriage devotionals and they help… for a little bit. A couple months after things are back to “normal” so they try another book, devotional, or podcast that gives them a quick shot of hope and injects something fresh into their marriage but they find themselves in the same exact place a few weeks later, back to normal, and they start thinking things like…

“Is this how it’s always gonna be?”

“Marriage shouldn’t be this hard!'“

“Will my husband/wife ever change?”

“Will I ever have the marriage and life I want?”

We discovered a massive problem in this approach.

Trying to piece together a better marriage like this is the equivalent of going to a junk yard, picking out parts of cars from different years, makes, and models, and then going home and trying to piece everything together to make a beautiful car. It just doesn’t work because all those pieces from all those different cars weren’t meant to fit together. Sadly, this is how many couples are trying to create a great marriage now. They tried so hard to piece chunks together from various sources and wonder why they never end up with the marriage they want and deserve. But we have good news for you… we found the solution.


Here’s the solution to this problem…

We’ve created an easy to follow all-in-one marriage building framework that guides you step-by-step to creating a marriage you’ll love! 

After 10 years of amazing marriage and years of helping couples we’ve discovered that all the issues you face in your marriage can find their roots in 4 categories. When we discovered this we developed the “Better Marriage Better Life 4x4 Framework” Here’s what the framework consists of…



In the personality section of the framework we walk systematically walk you through 4 different personality assessments that all reveal vital and different information about your spouse and what makes them tick. We teach you and your spouse what the healthy and unhealthy versions of your personality looks like, how to grow and stay healthy, and how to effectively interact with and love your spouses personality.



After learning about your spouses personality in a deep intimate way we can then teach you how to clearly and effectively communicate with your spouse now that you understand what makes them tick. We also guide you through the process of learning the nuts and bolts of clear and effective communication, listening, and conflict resolution.

Vision & goal setting


Now that you intimately know your spouses personality and can clearly and effectively communicate with your spouse we teach you how to get vision for your family and marriage and set goals so you can start to make massive progress in your life together! There is nothing worse than feeling stuck and like you can’t get traction in life and in your marriage. We will guide you through a process of “visioneering” for your marriage, family and life and then how to take action to achieve that vision!

Money & finances


Lastly, after putting all the pieces together we guide you through the process of how to get control of your money instead of your money running you. Money touches every part of our lives and marriage and instead of reacting and trying to get by, we teach you how to win!

Now is your chance! Sign up for round one of Better MarrIage Better Life that starts May 6th!


There are only 35 spots available for this first round of Better Marriage Better Life! 

Because we are diving deep into all these topics and want to be able to support and answer your questions we are only allowing 35 couples to join this first round. Once these 35 spots are gone registration will close until we re-open this fall. 

Here’s what comes with your 3 month membership…

+ Teaching and guidance through the Better Marriage Better Life framework

+ Private Members Only Facebook Community

+ Followup exercises for each section of the framework to dig deeper

+ Monthly Members Q&As

+ A marriage you are going to love!