10 Date Night Ideas For Under $10

Date Nights.

At On Purpose Marriage we suggest that every married couple go on a date at least once a week.

Yeah. We know. You "don't have time" or "don't have money" to go on dates every week.

Well. Those are all excuses keeping you from a better marriage.

Excuses that you can overcome if you chose to.

Date nights don't always have to be a 2-4 hour dinner date.

They can, and should be simple, inexpensive, and meaningful.

One of the things that we've enjoyed during our years of marriage is our weekly date night. Depending on the season of life we have been in we haven’t always had a ton of time or money to make elaborate weekly date nights happen. The important thing is that we have for the most part always made them happen. A weekly date night can be one of the things that you could inject into your marriage to breathe some fresh life or vibrance into it.

Here is a quick and easy list of 10 date night ideas that won't take hours to plan or execute.

Additionally, these date ideas won't break the bank either.

You are welcome.

1.) The Camp Dinner Date (Our personal favorite)

Fill a thermos full of boiling water. Hop in the car and drive to the local REI or other outdoor store where you can by a dehydrated camping or backpacking meal. Drive up into the woods or somewhere “off the grid”. Pour the hot water in and enjoy a camping style dinner without any of the normal dining experiences. 

Cost: approximately $8-9

2.) The McDonalds Ice Cream Date

Ice cream cones at McDonalds are under one dollar. Drive to your local golden arches grab a cone and then go for a walk or a scenic drive. 

Cost: approximately $2-3

3.) The Ride Bikes In The Park Date

Grab your bikes and go for a low key ride around your favorite park, lake or other outdoor destination. This one can also be coupled with the ‘Camp Dinner Date’ from above.

Cost: approximately $0

4.) The Coffee & Games Date

Go to your favorite local coffee shop grab a couple cups of coffee or tea, sit down, play some games and enjoy each others company. My wife and I love doing this while playing cribbage, yeah, we are pretty gangster. 

Cost: approximately $4-5

5.) The Workout Together Date

Get outside to your favorite place to be active or stay inside for this one, it doesn’t matter. Use the app called “The 7 minute workout” and do a couple rounds of it. You don’t need any equipment, and you don’t need to be super in shape to do anything they tell you to do. Getting active with your significant other is always a good thing! 

Cost: approximately $0

6.) The Mall Window Shopping Date

Guys, your ladies will love you for this one. Take a drive to your local mall, walk around and window shop. This one is pretty simple and can get really fun is you get creative!

Cost: approximately $0

7.) The Campfire & Beer Date

Go buy a couple beers, build a bonfire and cozy up with a blanket together out side. There’s always something special about being around a campfire. 

Cost: approximately $5-7

8.) The Walk Downtown & People Watch Date

Go downtown on a Friday or Saturday night, walk around and people watch. Make sure you do this one on a Friday or Saturday evening, this is when you are going to have a lot more to look for the people watching. 

Cost: approximately $0

9.) The Photography Date

Walk around downtown, in the woods or somewhere else with some kind of awesome scenery or backdrops for great photos. Take turns snapping photos of each other with your phones. Who knows, you might just get some really great shots! 

Cost: approximately $0

10.) The Italia Date

Go buy a cheap bottle of three-buck-chuck from Trader Joe's or from your local store, grab some grapes & cheap cheese then proceed to have your own little wine and cheese party for the two of you. 

Cost: approximately $10

There you go! 10 date ideas that wont break the bank!

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