31 Days Of Wisdom - Day 11

Proverbs 11

We don’t own horses, but we really enjoy them. Whenever we have the opportunity to saddle up and ride them, we jump at the opportunity. Not owning horses ourselves, we are fortunate enough to have friends who do, who are extremely generous with letting us enjoy them as well. Few things are as amazing as the smile on our kiddos' faces from the excitement of being on the back of a horse, reins in hand, feeling like they are the ones in control even though they really aren’t. We aren’t foolish enough to let our little boys just hop up onto animals they don’t spend much time around to just “have fun”. Every time they are riding there is always someone in front, guiding the horse with a rope. Our boys can get so excited holding the reins that they start to pull too hard on one side causing the horse to go the wrong direction. However, it’s all ok because the person in front can course correct them with the rope that’s attached. This keeps the horse from taking off in the wrong direction and possibly causing harm to both the horse and whoever is riding!

Judah (5) is all smiles when he gets to take a ride with the "hors-ees" as he calls them.

Judah (5) is all smiles when he gets to take a ride with the "hors-ees" as he calls them.

Elijah (6) loves horses, but REALLY wants a pet turkey... Go figure...

Elijah (6) loves horses, but REALLY wants a pet turkey... Go figure...


“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14


The word “guidance” in the original language means direction, good advice, or guidance, and implies a type of guidance similar to that of a horse being steered by a rope. So without the guidance, direction, or steering of counselors in our lives and marriages there is the potential to fall. Conversely, scripture shows us that where there is an abundance of counselors we can walk in safety because we are constantly being steered in the right direction. So then we must ask the question: Do we have people in our lives that act as wise counsel and help guide us in our marriage? Just like when our kids are riding horses, there is always the potential for getting off track and eventually harm coming because we never course corrected.

Action Steps

Together with your spouse, identify those people in your life that you deem trusted counselors or advisors. Then ask yourselves if you have been either avoiding them, or simply not taking the time to invest in those relationships. Next, together decide how you are going to make those trusted counselors or advisors a consistent part of your lives and marriage to keep you on track. Additionally, if you don’t have these types of people in your life, it’s time to find them. Discuss the importance of having counselors and advisors, and then find a couple or two, who you would like to pursue, to fill this role in your life and marriage.

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