31 Days Of Wisdom - Day 16

Proverbs 16

There she was. The unassuming Starbucks barista who was helping a customer purchase a new espresso machine. The customer wanted to pay for the machine with his Starbucks card to get “the points”. The only problem was that the Starbucks card he was trying to use wasn’t working. Naturally, he started to get upset. What happened next, however, was the completely inappropriate part. He started making snide remarks toward the Starbucks employee, got snippy with his wife, and began to let his emotions escalate to ridiculous levels, considering the matter at hand was simply purchasing a coffee maker. The man ended up getting so upset that he grabbed his wife, left his coffee and the new coffee maker, and stormed out of the store leaving the employee embarrassed. If he treats complete strangers this way, we can only imagine how he might treat his wife and family who he feels much more “comfortable” around.


“Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.” Proverbs 16:32


When it comes to getting angry, and allowing our flesh and emotions to lead us rather than the Spirit, there is not one husband or wife that can be found not guilty. Every single person falls short here, ourselves included. The problem comes, however, when we dismiss these ways of acting as “normal” and excuse this behavior due to the situation that caused them. Proverbs 16 clearly tells us that being slow to anger and ruling our spirit puts us in a better position than a mighty warrior that can overtake and conqueror a city. Think about that for a moment. Conquering your spirit and emotions makes you mightier than a person that can conquer a city. So… How are you doing in this area of letting your emotions dictate your behavior? How are you doing with allowing your flesh to rise up in anger for various reason?


Actions Steps

By yourself, or together with your spouse, identify the top 3 causes or situations that typically make you the most angry, or stoke the fires of very damaging emotions. After you have identified these areas, discuss with your spouse how you can each begin to hold eachother accountable and to a higher standard. Maybe it’s a word, phrase, or encouragement that you can say to eachother in these moments to snap each other out of walking in the flesh and into walking in the Spirit. Whatever the case may be, let’s use this encouragement and wisdom from Proverbs 16 to cause us to live more intentionally in the Spirit.

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