That Time I Told My Pregnant Wife To Adjust Her Attitude - Learning To Lead

The sound of the alarm broke the silence of the early morning; our typical 6am wake up call had arrived. We both slowly made it into the kitchen to make our french press, and I could clearly tell that Stefani didn’t want to be up. She had gotten up multiple times with our boys that night, and being 7 months pregnant wasn’t helping how she was feeling in the moment either. We sat there on the couch together, reading the Word, when we were greeted by our three boys thirty minutes before their normal wake up time. I could tell that my wife’s emotions were already beginning to get the best of her, and if I didn’t do something it would affect her whole day.

But how do you tell a tired, pregnant momma of three young boys to adjust her attitude? Like the leader of my home that I am. Tenderly, caring, and with compassion, but still as the leader of my home.

Here’s the deal, husbands. As the leaders of the home, we are responsible for the culture and atmosphere of our home. When we don’t set it, protect it, and adjust it when needed, we are not leading. We are being passive.

To breach the topic with my wife as we sat there on the couch, sipping our coffee, I looked over at her and said,

“Today, it would be easy to be upset that you’re tired. Today, it would be easy to walk in the flesh. Today, it would be easy to be led by your emotions and not by the Spirit of God. But that would be doing what’s easy, and we are better than that. Today, you have the ability to choose if you are going to walk in the Spirit or in the flesh. Today, you have the choice to be thankful, or find every little thing that isn’t going your way. I love you. I also want to encourage you to walk in the Spirit today and have a great day.”

You know how she responded? GREAT! As a matter of fact, she thanked me for not allowing her to wallow in her emotions in that moment, and realized that she had a choice. She and the boys had a great day; something that, if I had not chosen to step out as the leader of my home, probably wouldn’t have happened.

Husbands. Do you struggle with leading your wife? You aren’t alone. In the coming months I (Cody) will be writing some focused blogs specifically for husbands, and leading in the home. Depending on where you are starting from, the process can be a bit painful and uncomfortable, but absolutely worth it! So stay tuned.

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