31 Days Of Wisdom - Day 4

Read Proverbs 5

“I told you so.”

These are words that no one likes to hear said to them, but for some reason words that fill us with a sense of pride when we say them to someone else because it means we were right. No one enjoys being wrong and everyone enjoys being right. It’s just that simple.

One of the worst places any individual can be in life is to become so in love with being right that they never listen to anyone's advice, encouragement, or sound wisdom. For whatever reason they no longer feel the need for wise counsel or loving advice from a friend or mentor. Essentially, they think they have figured it out. When someone is in this place they alienate themselves from others wisdom and eventually end up paying the price for their stubbornness. Let’s take a look at a verse in Proverbs 5.

“I did not listen to the voice of my teachers or incline my ear to my instructors.” Proverbs 5:13

Here in Proverbs 5 we are being warned to not follow what the bible refers to as “the immoral woman”. We learn that her steps lead to death and she does not know the way of life. Warning after warning come in Proverbs 5 and then verse 13 hits us with the plain truth of the matter. The one who follows after the immoral woman, the one who follow in her footsteps to death, and the one whose footsteps do not know the way of life has refused to listen to the voice of their teachers and has not inclined their ear to instructors. It doesn’t matter if an immoral woman or an immoral man is involved, the husband or the wife that refuses to listen to teaching, instruction, correction, and wisdom will soon find themselves going down paths they ought not to.

So the question today is simple. Where are you being stubborn and flat out not listening to advice, teaching, wisdom, counsel, or instruction in your life and in your marriage? Where have you been refusing to change how you think or act because you “know better”. It’s time to stop the childish behavior, repent, and listen.

Action Steps

Write down an area or two where this is true in your life. Then go to the Lord in prayer and repent. Then go to your wife and repent. Acknowledging this is a reality in your life will bring freedom and set you on the path to great blessing in your marriage. No more running from wisdom and instruction friends.


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