31 Days Of Wisdom - Day 6

Proverbs 6


Growing up in Southern California had it’s perks: great weather, great beaches, great food, and, did I mention, great weather? I never fully understood just how great the weather was in California until I moved to Washington. When I made the move, I had one jacket. At the end of my first Pacific Northwest winter, I had twelve.


As much as the rain really began to wear on me, year after year, the one thing I absolutely loved about the Northwest were the seasonal changes that happened that I never got to experience growing up. The transition from summer to fall is without a doubt my absolute favorite. As the season begins to transition, we replace hats for beanies, shorts for pants, tank tops for flannels, and iced coffee for pumpkin spice lattes. When summer draws to an end and fall comes, we move from running around outside with the kids to snuggling up inside by the fireplace, preparing for the holidays.


What always amazes me is when it’s a blustery 30 degrees outside, and we see a group of teenage girls walking outside in miniskirts and boots acting like they are completely fine, but obviously are close to freezing. They are dressing and acting like it’s still summer when it is blatantly clear that it isn’t. They look foolish, and they are obviously extremely uncomfortable.


Enter the ant.


“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which, having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.”


Seasons matter. Having the ability to notice changes in seasons, and the wisdom to adapt accordingly, can mean the difference between having what you need or not.

We like to think of life’s seasons like a farmer would. Spring is the time for preparation and planting. Summer is the time for nurturing, tending, and long hours of hard work. Fall is the time to harvest all of your hard work from Summer. Lastly, Winter is the time for rest, family, and reflection. It’s so important to know what season you’re in at any given time, because if you aren’t intentional about identifying and living according to the season you are supposed to be in, you’ll walk around like those high school girls in miniskirts, looking and feeling out of place.


Action Steps


Identify what season you are in as a married couple. Are you working long hours and putting in the work in different areas of life because you are in a summer season? Are you harvesting and enjoying the fruits of your labor? Are you preparing for what's ahead by planting? Or are you resting together from seasons of hard work, and reflecting for what’s ahead? Whatever the case may be, take some time to pray together and identify what season you are in. Lastly, identify areas where you may be living “out of season”, and come up with ways to course correct. You’ll be glad you did.

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