2 Words Of Marriage Advice From Our 5 Year Old

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the two words that my son said to me recently is worth a lifetime of lessons.

Here's what happened...

One Saturday morning I woke up ready to kick off my Saturday morning routine, make coffee and relax on the couch in my pajamas. As I began to grind my coffee beans so the aroma of freshly ground coffee would fill the air I hear the pitter-patter of "little human" feet. Peaking his head around the corner, I saw the smiling bright eyed face of my second oldest son Judah. I called him over to where I was making coffee, picked him up, and sat him on the counter where I was making my coffee. For a few minutes we just stood there quietly until he started asking if he could do everything, to which I gladly let him. I mean, any time I can get someone else to make me coffee on a Saturday morning I'm all in. While he was finishing up my coffee I asked him if he wanted to go on a walk and without hesitation he let me know that he thought this was my best idea ever. With coffee in hand, Judah and I set out for a short morning walk. We were talking about all of our normal stuff like food, animals, and camping until he popped the big question of the morning that would lead to be smacked in the face by a lesson I'd never forget.

Judah looked over at me and asked me, "Daddy? Can you roar like a lion?"

I looked back at him and kind of giggled and let him know that I can totally roar like a lion! And that's when they came. The two words that in and instant taught me yet again how to be a great father, husband, and follower of Jesus.

Show me!

Judah didn't care if I said I could roar like a lion, he wanted me to SHOW HIM!


He didn't want my stories of how I've roared before, or hear the most vivid description of how I roar, he wanted to see with his own eyes what it looked like, he wanted to hear with his own ears what it sounded like.

Instantly, I realized again that how I tell my boys to love their mother, how to be courageous, how to work hard, how to take risks, how to protect the hurting, how to love and follow Jesus, and how to embrace what makes them unique doesn't mean a thing unless I show them and unless I set the example of what that looks like right in front of their eyes.

Think about it this way.

What if your children lived their life solely by your example? What would their lives look like? What if your children modeled their future marriage after the behaviors they see in yours?

Never forget this.

What you do screams so loud that what you say can't be heard.

So how does this all translate to our marriages? It's simple really. Your spouse doesn't just need to hear that you care, they need to see it. Your spouse doesn't just need to hear you repent about certain behavior, they need to see with their own eyes the change of behavior that backs it up. How have you been saying one thing to your spouse but living something completely different? Talk is cheap. Show them.

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