Fixing this one thing can change every other part of your marriage...


The He Said She Said course teaches you real-world, battle-tested strategies on how to communicate well as a married couple.

This course is for you if...

+ You are frustrated with the frequent fights with your spouse

+ You are tired of constantly arguing and disagreeing over the same things

+ You feel like you can't ever connect

+ You desire to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship

+ You are overwhelmed and feel like you just can't win

If any of these sound like you and your marriage, you're about to discover how to finally stop feeling like you're drowning.

We get it. We know you've been trying.

You've read numerous marriage books, listened to multiple podcasts, received copious amounts of advice from friends, and you've been praying your butt off. But you are still facing the same challenges.

Friend, we want to give you the very thing that will absolutely change your marriage.


Here's A brief timeline that forced us to learn how to communicate well...

+ Got married and started full time youth ministry in the same month!

+ Got pregnant with our baby #1 eight months into marriage.

+ Got pregnant with baby #2 only 3 months after having baby #1. Yup. True. Story.

+ Decided to leave church staff and start our first business while being 4 months pregnant with baby #3

+ Started our first business knowing nothing which led to making almost no money, getting behind on bills, having our water and electricity shut off, cars repossessed, and eventually losing our first home. Yeah. That. Sucked.

+ Moved in with our in-laws. That's always fun.

+ Got previously repossessed car repossessed AGAIN!

+ Finally started having success in our business and were able to move out of our in-laws home and into our own home.

+ 3 months later got pregnant with baby #4 get the point.

Through all of this we grew closer as a couple and our marriage got stronger? But how?

We communicated about EVERYTHING using the exact strategies we will be teaching you in this course!



Let's say you have 10 small dominos and one huge domino, which one would you put first in line to knock over?

The big one, of course. Why? Because once you knock over the big domino, it would knock over the smaller ones easily.


When talking about;

+ spirituality







IT ALL become easier to talk about when you actually know HOW TO COMMUNICATE in the first place!

Lots people like to throw around the statistic that money issues are the leading cause of divorce. When you hear this, it would be easy for you to think, “Yeah, we definitely struggle and have many of arguments surrounding finances--we should fix that!” So you sit down with your spouse to fix your money issues, only to end up getting into a huge argument over them. Nothing gets fixed and things continue just as they were before.



Here's what you get in the course

+ 10 video lessons

+ Course workbook with practical exercises at the end of each lesson to immediately implement what you just learned into your marriage

+Private Facebook Group

+Monthly Live Q&As with Cody & Stefani

+ Unlimited email support

BONUS -> Free digital copies of both the 28 Day Marriage Challenge for him & her AND our Marriage Communication Journal!

NOT TO MENTION having a more stress-free and deeply fulfilling marriage because you are able to ACTUALLY talk and communicate about the things that REALLY matter to you and your spouse!

Module 1 - New Rules & Perspective For Communication

Module 2 - The Power of Your Words

Module 3 - How to Express Yourself Effectively

Module 4 - How to Listen Effectively

Module 5 - The "Main Event" How To Initiate & Have Healthy Confrontation and Conversations

Module 6 - How to Walk Out Repentance & Forgiveness

Module 7 - Body Language & Physiology

Module 8 - How to use Clarifying Language & Questions

*Bonus Module 1 - How to Communicate about Sex, Spirituality, Parenting, and Money

* Bonus Module 2 - How to Communicate With a Spouse Who Is Quiet or Resistant.

When you sign up you and your spouse will be added to our exclusive private Facebook group where you will have access to Cody & Stefani for questions that come up along your journey through the course AND you will be able to participate in monthly members-only Q&A.

The first course module launches September 10th and each subsequent module will be released in weekly intervals from there on out.


now is the time to build the foundation for the rest of your lives!

You can start communicating better right now for only $27!

The wait is over. You marriage is WORTH IT! A marriage WITHOUT bickering, fighting, arguing, miscommunication, and feeling disconnected IS POSSIBLE! This course is the answer.


What people are saying...


Cody and Stefani Chapman are an amazing couple with so much wisdom, especially when it comes to communication. We have learned so much about how to effectively communicate with each other, thanks to their teaching. We would recommend this course anyone wanting to improve the quality of communication with their spouse. You won’t regret the fruit that will come from it! -Zach & Faith Vaughn


We’ve personally known Cody and Stefani for over a decade! They truly walk their talk and are all about serving people and seeing God move in marriages. They’re full of wisdom, love and grace - when you and your spouse partner with Cody and Stef you’ll find a Jesus centered mentorship you may not even realized you needed. No matter where your  marriage is at, it can get better and we believe On Purpose Marriage will help with that.  -Mark & Tracy Crocker

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What will happen if you don't fix your communication

Here are a few things that WILL happen if you don't do anything to fix how you communicate with your spouse.

+ You will continue to feel disconnected and discouraged.

+ You will continue to have fights, disagreements, and miscommunications frequently.

+ Things will not simply "just get better with time".

+ You'll continue to go through marriage without experiencing ALL the amazing benefits that come from having great communication.

We know your best days are ahead of you! We want to be your guide on this journey!



+ Can I sign up if my spouse doesn't want to do the course with me?

Great question! Absolutely!. Of course, we would love to have both of you on this journey together. But one is better than none. If the principles in this course are applied to your marriage, we believe the other party will join eventually.

+ Can we sign up if we aren't married?

100% Yes! This course would be a great piece of your pre-marital foundation.

+ How much access will we have to Cody & Stefani?

Quite a bit actually! We will be interacting in the private Facebook Group several times per week. We are going to be working very hard on creating a family atmosphere so you feel close with us and other couples in the course.

+ Do we have to keep up with the week to week lessons? What if we fall behind?

In a perfect world, you would follow the course week-to-week. However, if you get behind or just need some time off, don’t sweat it. Life happens. Our number one desire is that you simply finish the course so you can experience all the fruit it will produce in your marriage (whenever that may be).

+ If we don't like the course can we get a refund?

Sheesh! A little harsh don’t you think? Just kidding. But yes, if you go through the whole course including the workbook and feel like the course didn't improve your marriage or communication at all we will give you a full refund minus the payment processing fees. If you get a refund you will lose access to all the content and be removed from the private group. But rest assured friend, we are fully confident your marriage and communication will be positively changed forever!