We have been running On Purpose Marriage since early September 2016. In that time, we have been able to encourage literally thousands upon thousands of couples through our daily posts, blogs, videos, books, free resources, private messages, and live in person events. We have been doing all of this in the "margins of life" as Cody has held a full-time job and Stefani is faithfully raising four kiddos! As we continue to seek to grow the impact of On Purpose Marriage we sincerely need your help.
Many of the tools we currently use (and would like to use) to create new useful content, tools, and encouragement for you aren't free. As we begin to expand what On Purpose Marriage does and creates we 100% can not do this on our own. We have always believed that when God calls us to do something it rarely "fits into our own budget" and this is where we need your help.
We are asking that if you have been impacted by On Purpose Marriage or you just love us and want to offer a little help in the growth and expansion of On Purpose Marriage that you would consider donating to our cause. No gift is too small as every single bit helps in the forward progress our mission. BELOW there is a button you can use to donate. We would like to say THANK YOU for your generosity in advance and assure you that every penny donated will be going directly to advancing On Purpose Marriage is new ways to encourage and strengthen marriage literally around the WORLD! Thank you thank you thank you!
-The Chapman's