Our new book is coming soon and we need book testers!


What is it?

Our new book is a simple tool that teaches and encourages consistent intentional communication for married couples. The jounral uses the weekly 10 questions we have used through our years of marriage to get and stay connected as a couple.

How do you use it?

Because we believe that anything worth doing consistently needs to be super simple we've made the Marriage Communication Journal exactly that. You schedule a time that you and your spouse will sit down for 15-30 minutes each week, you ask and discuss the questions, and journal the answers. Pretty simple right? That's what we think too!

Want to be a "tester" for free?

Awesome! We were hoping you'd want to be!!! All of you have to do is put your name and email in the form below and we will send you a "2-week tester PDF version" of the Marriage Communication Journal to enjoy in exchange for a testimonial or feedback! With that said, put your information in below and we will send you your tester copy today!