Episode 010 - Confronting The Lie That Marriage Is Hard


This special midweek episode is about to ruffle some feathers and that’s ok. We’ve ALL heard it. Chances are you’ve said it, thought it or agreed when someone else has said it. Marriage is hard. We are here to let you in on a little secret, it doesn’t have to be. In this episode, we discuss a couple of reasons WE MAKE marriage hard and let you in on a little something special at the end.

Episode 009 - The Power Of Your Words In Your Marriage


Our words are one of the most powerful and potent things we possess. This being the case our words are either bricks that build or the hammer that breaks our spouse. In this episode, we discuss what scripture says about our words and how that applies in our marriages. In this episode, we also end with a couple of simple action steps you can take to begin seeing the great fruit your words can produce in your marriage.

Episode 006 - 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Spouse Every Week


Inconsistent communication can absolutely rob your marriage of intimacy and joy because you or your spouse can be left constantly feeling unheard, unloved, and not cared for. In this episode, we are giving you 5 questions from our Marriage Communication Journal that you can ask your spouse every single week to feel more connected than ever before. Enjoy!

episode 005 - 3 Key Relationships Every Married Couple Needs


It's easy to become an "island" once you get married. When we do this we become isolated and end up struggling far more than we should. To prevent this from happening there are 3 types of relationships that every married couple needs to have in their life. In this episode, we discuss what those relationships are and how to find and pursue them. Enjoy!

Episode 003 - 3 Sneaky Ways You Might Be Abusing The 5 Love Languages


Although the 5 Love Languages can be incredible tools to show your spouse love, there are a few ways we have watched some couples abuse them and ultimately hurt their marriage rather than help it. In this episode, we talk through 3 pitfalls you and your spouse should be on the lookout for and avoid when it comes to implementing the 5 Love Languages in your marriage. Enjoy!