Attention, married person!

It all began in the shower, but it’s not what you’re thinking...

On this page, you'll discover:

  • How a shower changed our marriage: It can do the same for yours as well.
  • Living with intentionality: You don’t have to just survive anymore.

  • The resources to get you started: Begin to see your marriage thrive as you intentionally pursue the Lord and your spouse!

If you desire a more intimate relationship with your spouse...

If you long to see the Lord become the cornerstone of your marriage...

If you want to see Him move mightily on your behalf...

If you want to be challenged and grow into your full, God-given potential as a husband or wife...

then you are about to discover something that you’ve been waiting your entire marriage for!

It all began in the shower.

Cody was showering one morning, when the thought crossed his mind: “We haven’t had a date night in months.”

Feeling convicted about needing to be more intentional in his marriage, he set out to make a change.

He created a Facebook group, added a few guys who were interested in being intentional in their own marriages, and created a 30-day challenge for husbands. It was a success! The results of the challenge were prompting the wives to message Cody and tell him how much of an improvement they were seeing in their husbands and marriages. Fast forward a few months.

The desire to write a book to help other marriages was born.

Again, while in the shower, Cody was contemplating how he wanted to write the book, and what content he wanted to add. What kind of book should it be? What kind information would be the most beneficial for marriages? Would it be a devotional?

It was then the Lord told him, “I have already given you the content.”

Cody began rewriting and reformatting the 30-day husband challenge into a 28-day marriage devotional for husbands. As he began to recreate, he approached Stefani to see if she would be willing to write the same thing, but specifically for wives. After weeks of hesitation, the Lord gave her the desire to encourage other women and their marriages, and she agreed to write a wife version.

Therefore, On Purpose Husband and On Purpose Wife were born.

Living with intentionality has changed our marriage in countless ways, and it can do the same for you, too! Here’s what to expect:

  • How to develop better and more intimate communication!

  • Ignite the desire to spend time in the Word and pray together often!

  • Complete daily challenges to serve one another and grow in your relationship with your spouse!

  • Discover the easy way to schedule consistent date nights!

This book is absolutely for you if:

  • You want to move to the next level as a husband or wife, but don’t know how

  • You long to see the Lord move in your spouse’s heart

  • You desire to see all that God has in store for your marriage

  • You want to believe that your best days are ahead of you

  • You need the Lord to do a miracle in your relationship with your spouse

Marriage is not about just surviving, it’s about thriving in all that God has for you! We’ve been there. The short remarks, the heated arguments, the feeling of not connecting, the lack of intimacy and spiritual oneness. But we chose Jesus; to follow His leading and guiding. We believe that if you, too, make that choice, you’re one step closer to a thriving marriage!

Our Promise To You:

Every marriage [yes, your marriage] can thrive by going through On Purpose Husband or On Purpose Wife because it makes Jesus the center, and equips you with the biblical and practical tools to succeed in your relationship with your spouse!

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