DO you feel you've arrived at being a good wife?

WHat if there's more to it than a happy husband and happy home?


During the first couple of years of my marriage, I was on the journey of becoming a good wife. I desired to please and serve my husband, to put his needs above my own, to support him in his many ventures, and to do it all with a cheerful heart. I felt like I had accomplished the goal of being a good wife! But a few of years ago, I felt the Lord challenge me and tell me that He hadn't called me to be a good wife. He called me to be a godly one. 

What does that mean? What's the difference between the two? He began pointing me to scripture and showing me exactly what being a godly wife entailed, and since then, I've been on the journey of becoming one.

Recently, the Lord stirred up in my heart the desire to help other women run toward the same goal. In the next few months I will be releasing an online course that does exactly that: encourage wives to grow from being a good wife to a godly one.

I look forward to beginning the journey with you as we watch the Lord show off in powerful ways!

- Stefani

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